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Myria Rei Solas #1030 750-0383 [email protected]

Spirituality and Healing Arts and Counseling

- using an integrated approach of Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Reiki, Shamanic techniques and gentle body work with clients of all ages to help shift issues and patterns in the body, mind and spirit.

- working with infants, toddlers and children using intuitive energy balancing and Play and Art Therapy dealing with issues including special needs, attachment, grief and problematic behaviors

- also doing: ear candling, metamorphic technique, shamanic assessment and techniques including soil retrieval, family unity ceremonies, testing and treatment with flower essences and parent support

Lessons and Training

Reiki Level I & II

Parenting Classes

Expressive Arts and Healing Arts Classes and Workshops

Arts and Crafts

Acrylic and Encaustic Paintings

Oat Bags and Meditation Eye Bags

Handmade Jewellery

Articles for Sale:

2 - Black Futon Couch Frames folds out to double bed excellent condition $75. Green Dollars Each